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4shared – Free online storage is a file sharing website which allows you to upload, share and download files from and to your computer and provides free online storage. You can upload documents, Music, Movies, pictures, software set up files and share the download link provided by the website to any of your friends and dear ones enabling them to download the same files for use. has two options. You can either sign in and have a free account and upload files to the account, or, you can directly logon to and upload any file of your choice and share the download weblink provided by the website. The files that you upload is accessible from anywhere.

4shared works on  cloud Computing Model. Simply put, Cloud computing is a method in which your data is safely stored and maintained in a 3rd party infrastructure. you don’t need any resources. The best example is your gmail or yahoo Email account. None of your mails are in your PC, but its on google and yahoo database safe and secure. 4shared, manages your data safely and securely.

While we are talking about 4shared, i have shared my views on Adrive , another free cloud storage provider which offers more storage space. Don’t forget to check that out.

By creating an account in 4shared and signing in, you can upload the data and put it in a private folder and generate a download link and share it only with your friends. If you upload the files to the 4shared website without creating an account, the files are in 4 shared cloud without any security. If you are a free account holder, This Site allows you to upload files upto 15GB. The maximum size of each file should not exceed 2GB.

You can also search and download favourite 4shared music and 4shared files like study guides from this website. Where does 4shared get this data from? These files are nothing but the ones which are uploaded by millions of users across the globe without creating an account in 4shared. Any file which is uploaded for sharing in 4shared is put into a public cloud and when other people search for documents and music, the file you uploaded may appear for download. This will not happen if you create an account with 4shared and upload data.We can either make the file we upload public or private based on the senstivity of data we upload. We strictly suggest you create an account with 4shared. Its free and you don’t have to pay even a penny.

Alongside providing Free online storage, they also have premium account options where you pay and have an account. Here, you can upload and store upto 100GB of data and share them privately or publicly. In this case, The maximum size of each file should not exceed 5GB. The premium account can be purchased for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year period. The Charges are nominal and varies time to time. Its better you refer the 4shared website for charges on premium account.

Just to let you know, even Microsoft is into cloud storage. They offer free space of 25GB to all hotmail and windows live users. Check out my post about Windows live Skydrive to know more.

4shared has mobile app which can be downloaded for Android, Blackberry, Symbian and iOS and you can upload data to your account from Mobile. This will store the data in your private cloud and can be accessed from anywhere by logging onto your 4shared account. With 4shared, by uploading the data from your PC, you are not just sharing it, you are also having a backup. Even if you lose the data from your PC, the data is intact in 4shared account.

4shared toolbar can be downloaded and installed as a Add-on to your internet browser just like your google toolbar and Yahoo toolbar. 4shared toolbar has options like Free online radio, Instant Weather forecast, Instant account upload options and many more. 4shared toolbar is compatible on IE, mozilla Firefox and Safari Browser.

Your next question would be if 4shared is legal? Every site is legal until you find pirated and copyrighted material without purchasing valid licence. 4shared runs completely on data uploaded by users. They don’t have any data that they provide like music and movies. They have a stright policy on piracy and copyright infringement. Ensure you don’t upload anything that infringes or violates copyrights, this will lead to termination of account from 4shared and deletion of data from their data base immediately. Just because they provide Free online storage of 15GB does not mean we can upload anything and everything.

Important : For free account, it always suggested to logon to your 4shared account atleast once in 6 months and keep the account status active. Else, the data you have stored in 4shared account will be Deleted permanently and becomes unrecoverable.


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